Join our Junior English Program in the beautiful north-west of Ireland and learn English through great experiences!


The program is shared with local teenagers

Our international camp welcomes students from all over the world. Our native English speaking participants share their experience with non-native English speaking teenagers, in a fun, engaging environment. The focus is not on the English language, but the English language is necessary for communication on all activities.


Exclusive pool of host families

We only work with a limited number of local families that we know well and that we trust. Some of our host brothers and sisters participate in the program, along with the international students. Our host family accommodation option is the most popular; if this is your preference, please book your place well in advance, to avoid disappointment.

pre-arrival interviews

We offer our students and their families the opportunity to meet on Skype previous to the students' travel. We host these meetings in order to familiarise all parties with each other, which makes for a much smoother arrival.