Terms and Conditions

1. Sign Up Process:

Step 1: complete the sign up form

Step 2: pay 20% deposit
*Deposit deadline: 90 days prior to the start date

Step 3: email office@idlanguages.com:
Sign Up Form
Bank Receipt
Signed Terms & Conditions Contract

You will then receive confirmation of your booking by email.
*Please note that the booking confirmation is subject to availability.
If the booking is made and there is no availability, we will offer you an alternative, including a full refund of your payment.

Step 4: pay balance (80%)
*Full payment deadline: 30 days prior to the start date
Between 7 and 15 days before to your trip, you will receive specific information about your host family and school, meeting points, emergency numbers and other details.


The payment must be sent via a bank transfer and to the following bank account: IBAN: IE33 BOFI 9047 6348 5594 36 BIC: BOFIIE2D
*Please note that transfers can take a few days.
It is important to take this into account in order to meet deadlines.


Health & travel insurance:
ID Languages has a public liability policy that protects us and our customers, should an accident occur during our activities.
However, we decline any responsibility for illness, loss of property, personal injury or accidents that may occur outside of the scope of our activities.
Under age students must take out personal health & travel insurance, unless they are already covered by their parents or guardians’ insurance policy. This policy must include journeys abroad, health assistance and repatriation.

Authorisation: Should a student require medical care and ID Languages is unable to contact their parents or guardians, the company is authorised to act appropriately to preserve the health and safety of the student. Personal documents: It is the responsibility of the student and their parents to check the validity of their passport or ID, as well as all necessary documentation for health assistance, in order to be able to manage any medical care needed.
Transport: Our company does not provide flight tickets or tickets of any other kind. However, we can help with booking transport, if you require our assistance. Confirmation and group departures: There must be at least 10 students per language programme for the course to go ahead. Should there not be enough students, the programme may be modified or cancelled. The client will receive a 20-day notification, should this be the case.
Host families: If the student is staying with a host family, the student will have to take note of and adapt to the family’s timetable, rules and codes of behaviour, showing respect for the cultural traditions of the host country. Our schools do not discriminate against any family or student for racial, religious, income or social issues. The student will therefore not be allowed to reject any family for any of the aforementioned reasons.
Pocket money: The student must travel with enough money to cover their personal expenses and will not be able to ask the organisation, the school, other students or host families for money. The organisation takes no responsibility for the loss or theft of personal belongings during the student’s stay.

Timetables: ID Languages reserves the right to amend the level and educational modules of the established timetables, if necessary. Complaints & applied legislation: Should there be a dispute between the parties involved on the interpretation, compliance with or execution of this contract, both our organisation and the client will be subject to legal arbitration by the Irish Court.
Expulsion: The parents or guardians of under age students accept that neither ID Languages nor the host families are responsible for the damage caused by their sons or daughters during their stay. Additionally, both the parents or guardians and the under age students themselves accept the laws and code of rules followed by the host country.
In the event of a severe lack of discipline, bad behaviour towards teachers, other students or host families, negative social conduct or breaking the law of the host country, ID Languages reserves the right to expel the student from the programme. In this case, the student is liable for the costs resulting from said expulsion.
If the student is under age, they will be sent back to their country of origin, with all costs being covered by the student themselves or their family.
Database use: For your information, the personal data included on your sign up form will be added to our database for our company’s information & promotion purposes. Accepting the general conditions implies that you consent with the aforementioned uses of data. 


All cancellations must be submitted in writing, be it by e-mail or post. Should you wish to cancel by e-mail, you must also ensure that ID Languages has received your message by phoning us to verify. This avoids any further expenses. You may cancel your booking at any stage, taking note of the cancellation fees that apply in order to cover certain expenses:

  • 30+ days: 20% expenses
  • 10-30 days: 75% expenses
  • 1-10 days: 90% expenses


Should ID Languages have to cancel a programme, the participant will be fully refunded. Equally, should there be insufficient interest for a programme (between 5 & 10 students, depending on the programme), ID Languages will seek an alternative, generally by providing private tutoring or alternative activities, for the paid number of hours. If the student decides not to participate in the programme, not to make use of the booked accommodation or to finish the programme before the end date, they will not have any right to a refund.

The above conditions will be applied with flexibility, as far as possible. 


The student (as well as their parents or tutors), declare that they have been suitably informed about the general terms & conditions by ID Languages and that they accept them as a prerequisite to their booking.